Colby L. Jones  JD, LLM

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Colby, an esteemed professional, holds a Master of Laws from the distinguished Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University. He stands as the chairperson for the Dispute Resolution Section of the Idaho State Bar and possesses extensive experience as a mediator in divorce and custody cases. Colby’s expertise extends to educating on mediation and conflict resolution, reflecting his passion for imparting knowledge and facilitating harmonious solutions.

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As a founding partner of Adkins & Jones, PLLC, Colby’s multifaceted approach encompasses both courtroom representation and the cultivation of amicable resolutions through mediation and other conciliatory services. He further extends his proficiency to offer organizational consulting for conflict resolution, ensuring comprehensive support to his clients.

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Colby’s dedication to fostering inclusiveness is evident through his compelling TEDx speaking engagements, where he ardently advocates for embracing diversity and unity. Additionally, his contributions to the field are underscored by his authored articles on dispute resolution in reputable legal and peer-reviewed journals.

Prior to embarking on his distinguished legal and dispute resolution career, Colby’s commitment to education led him to teach at esteemed institutions such as the College of Southern Idaho and Great Basic College. This global perspective and diverse cultural exposure were further enriched by his family’s residence on multiple continents, where he balanced his academic pursuits with fervent volunteer activities.

Today, Colby is unwavering in his mission to advance dispute resolution for individuals and organizations alike, drawing upon his wealth of experience and his unwavering commitment to creating positive, lasting change.

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“From the very beginning of seeking counsel for a divorce, Colby Lee Jones exercised patience and provided sound legal advice through this arduous event. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Jones as counsel to men seeking sound direction through this life experience.”


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“Colby Jones has been represented me for over 8 months. He came into my case after the trial process. From the onset, he has demonstrated full competency as it has related to my case. He is very professional, as well as personable. I have sincerely appreciated his expertise in my relationship with him…”

Kevin Cloyd

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“Chip is a hard-working attorney that will fight for you. He comes up with a great strategy for your situation and puts it into play. knowing the ins and outs he is very talented and will work for you explaining everything along the way. No doubt about it chip is your guy!”